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Every single person who works for us matters to us. This applies to direct employees and just as equally to all those involved right along our production chain. We try to do as much as we can to ensure that all these people are treated fairly and properly. We focus on social standards including labour rights as well as health protection and production-site safety. Our Code of Conduct (CoC) and the CSR Supplier Audits provide the basis for ensuring that we live up to these high standards.

The Code of Conduct (CoC)  

The Code of Conduct (CoC) was updated by us in 2012 and now applies across the whole SALEWA Group. Signing the CoC is a prerequisite for all suppliers who want to work with any of the SALEWA Group brands. To enable and simplify its application it has been translated into the local language in every country where we produce. Every partner without exception is obliged, by signing our CoC, to respect and adhere to labour rights as stated in it. The most essential parts of our CoC are social responsibility, the environment and corruption.

Fairwear Foundation (FWF)  

The Oberalp Group joined the Fairwear Foundation on September 25th 2013, so as to work more intensively on the improvement of working conditions along the supply chain. It's a crucial step on the way to an efficient and structured implementation of corporate responsibility. Fair Wear Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation with the aim of improving working conditions worldwide in the textile and clothing industries. More than 90 companies are already members in this multi-stakeholder initiative. The unique approach of FWF accepts that there is no clothing which is 100 % "fair“. Members have to sign the "FWF Code of Labour Practices" which covers 8 points based on the principles of the United Nations and the International Labour Organisation.
Members' progress in implementing the code along the whole supply chain is documented in an annual report. The Oberalp Group will also report on cooperation with suppliers. With the involvement of FWF, there is now a joint corporate responsibility between the brand as buyer and the individual producers. This is the challenge we have set ourselves with the support of  FWF.

CSR supplier audit  

Our internal CSR supplier audit is a cross-division process for checking our suppliers. It enables us to monitor compliance with our CoC and assess production sites where our products are made. We conduct this audit according to our standardised guidelines and the Factory Assessment Form. We use the results to push forward required corrective measures.

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