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Our commitment to social causes

Our scope of commitment goes a long way beyond simply individual mountain athletes. We wish to look after those people who belong to our community and our social environment and who share our values and ideals. We don't leave our corporate responsibility at the gates of our headquarters. We are a global company and we would like to act locally. We have launched initiatives all around the world, where we hope to bring people a small measure of joy, make their day-to-day life easier or support them in specific projects. In this we also focus our attention on projects that offer protection to animals as well as the environment.

Sherpa Women  

The SALEWA project has a long-term goal of empowering women in Nepal to stand on their own feet by taking on active roles in trekking tourism and mountain sports. In collaboration with a network of international and local partners, we want to set standards for the training of female mountain guide/trekking guides in Nepal. In 2016, the project will continue with additional training in trekking. As in 2015 and before, the project will be financed by donations of EUR1 per item sold from a pre-selected SALEWA collection .

What’s next:
In November 2014, the next chapter of the "Sherpa Women" project will commence, this time also involving a cultural exchange. Alongside selected Nepalese participants, 5 European women will be participating in a sponsored 3-week trekking program in Nepal from 14 November through December 7 with the goal of reaching the Annapurna Sanctuary (4200 meters) in the Annapurna Himal massif.
The ultimate goal is to climb Tarpu Chuli (Tent Peak, 5600 meters), a smaller peak located in the middle of the Sanctuary, in alpine style. Mountain guide Paulo Grobel is the project manager on-site.

Snow Leopard Trust  

One issue very close to the heart of DYNAFIT is the protection of the snow leopard. The head of this creature is our trademark, but it is more than simply a logo. It is a role model and symbol for all the qualities and skills needed to survive in the mountains. In order to conserve the snow leopard’s natural habitat in the Himalayas for example and to protect the creature from extinction, we created several successful projects together with the Snow Leopard Trust, an NGO. As of 2013, one other project is being subsidised to the tune of US$ 15,000 annually by EOCA. DYNAFIT also entered into collaboration with EOCA in order to promote other nature conservation projects. Providing financial support as well as informing and raising awareness among the local population is the only way to ensure that these creatures and their human neighbours can live alongside one another in harmony. In addition to this, DYNAFIT organises an annual Snow Leopard Day event for ski tourers where they collect vertical metres covered and each metre recorded is matched by a one-cent donation by DYNAFIT to the Snow Leopard Trust.


We have been working together with Caritas Bolivia for over eight years now, trying to improve the general living conditions of people living in the high mountains in isolated villages. This collaboration’s assistance in areas such as health, developing a social structure and education has produced sustainable improvement to living standards in recent years. It is now not only the village of Elvira who is benefiting from the project’s success, but also the neighbouring village of Laime. In cooperation with Caritas, a medical centre has been built that is now within reach for this and other previously isolated villages. The Laime project is set to be successfully concluded in 2015.

Integrating people with disabilities  

For us, every single individual with their own individual capabilities counts. For years now, with our DYNAFIT and POMOCA brands, we have integrated people with disabilities into our company. We work in collaboration with different workshops and establishments who give people the opportunity to acquire real self-confidence and positive experiences by integrating them into a structured working life.

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