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Environmental management

As a mountain sports specialist, nature and the mountains form the main sphere in which we operate. We have a great desire to protect this environment, which we love and which represents our home. Therefore we strive to keep our impact on the environment as low as is humanly possible. Areas we see as vital are conserving energy, water, and resources as well as promoting the use of renewable energy sources.


The KlimaHaus Agentur awarded SALEWA its “Work & Life” seal of quality for the overall design of our new headquarters. Gaining the top rating in all three categories of environmental sustainability, socio-cultural contribution and economic efficiency, the company became the first in Italy to receive this award. In 2012, the certification was then officially confirmed and SALEWA headquarters also collected the KlimaHaus Award for its exemplary energy concept.

DB Schenker collaboration  

Despite outsourcing transportation of our products to external service providers, we have set ourselves the goal of putting effective measures into place. In collaboration with DB Schenker Logistics, our most important transport and logistics partner, we have started a pilot project to record our CO2 emissions. This will in future allow us to look more closely at our transport routes and the transport mix, as well as the emissions associated with them, and take appropriate measures. DB Schenker represents the ideal partner for this project as in recent years the company has itself been working more intensively on solutions and strategies regarding eco systems. Our joint target is to achieve a sustainable reduction in CO2 emissions.

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