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As a family-owned company we believe in the values of fairness, trust and cooperation. These principles underpin all our business activities. We live by and protect these values, and we want to create a dependable working environment in which every single employee has sufficient space to grow and fully develop. Employees must feel comfortable in their day-to-day workspace in order to achieve good results and to motivate and develop themselves and also others. A solid, well-coordinated team is needed to get to the top, and so we strive for the best performance guided by the following motto: "positive attracts positive".

Child daycare centre  

At our Bolzano site, we have our own daycare centre available to the children of SALEWA employees as well as of employees for other nearby businesses. The children are supervised by the trained and experienced day-care centre staff while their parents are working nearby.

FamilieundBeruf (Family and Work) audit  

SALEWA is a family-friendly company and we have already implemented specific measures aimed at helping employees balance work and family life. The prime example of this is our headquarters in Bolzano which has been given the FamilieundBeruf Audit award. This recipe for success (e.g. flexible working hours, working from home, working part-time) is to be extended to other company sites in forms tailored to the needs of each location.

SALEWA headquarters environment  

Our headquarters is much more than just a building. With our SALEWA Cube climbing centre, our own canteen serving seasonal products from the region, the Bivac Bistro, our fitness centre, our in-company child daycare centre and the green space on the roof terrace, we have created a place where work, socializing and leisure time exist side by side.

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