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Company Principles

Our company principles apply throughout the entire Oberalp Group and reflect our values and goals and shape our corporate culture. When each new employee starts to work for us, they are given a copy of our principles and these are discussed with the employee in a personal discussion with the company management. These company principles consist of 8 short, clear statements and are to be interpreted as underlying principles which guide our day-to-day work. They provide a purpose and clear direction to our actions.


Company Principles:



We have unlimited enthusiasm for sport and mountains. During four generations this love of the mountains has driven us to develop products that are of increasingly high quality and ever more technically advanced.



Positive attracts positive. Our main strength is our team of successful people. Our joint efforts are characterised by clear and shared values which are the foundations upon which we set and achieve our goals.



We are people with the courage to explore new avenues and take decisions for which we are accountable.



We are a management driven, family company and operate our business in a fair and responsible manner. We strive to ensure continuous development and develop creative relationships with our strategic partners.



Even good things can be improved and we are working consistently towards brand and market leadership.



Through the continuous innovation of products, processes and ways of thinking and the cooperation with the most qualified partners we will achieve new standards of excellence.



We use our resources carefully and feel responsible for the stewardship of the environment in which we live.



Economic success is the result of our actions. This maintains our independence and security and ensures our long term, qualitative development.

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