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SALEWA is Europe’s leading mountain sports multi-specialist. With 78 years of tradition and long experience in expeditions and on the vertical, the brand offers safe, innovative, highly functional quality products for passionate mountain athletes.


DYNAFIT provides high-tech products and impressive innovations for ambitious athletes seeking rapid uphill and downhill performance. Inspired by the snow leopard, whose image forms its trademark, DYNAFIT’s core brand values are lightness, speed, performance and technology.


POMOCA joined the SALEWA Group in 2011 and is the world’s leading ski skin manufacturer. The Swiss brand aims to be the main centre of excellence for skins with its top-quality products, and always strives for the perfect formula to satisfy the high expectations of ambitious ski tourers.

Wild Country  

WILD COUNTRY, the climbing specialist, has been part of the SALEWA Group since January 2012. Deeply passionate about climbing and committed to the clean climbing philosophy, these devoted climbers produce high-quality technical products for all climbing disciplines.

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